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316 Gray Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheet

4 x 8 Gray Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheet surface is grey color,can be used in specail design.The 4 x 8 ft is 1219*2438mm.Thickness is range from 0.6-3.0mm.

  • Grade: :

  • Surface: :

    PVD Gray Mirror Finish
  • Size: :

    1219*2438mm,1219*3048mm or customized
  • Color :

  • Lead Time: :

    7-25 days after deposit
  • MOQ :


316 Gray Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheet is anticorrosion,that can be used near the sea or on ship.

Gray Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet


After thermal processing,mechanical processing or storage for a certain period of time,4x8 stainless steel will form burrs or a layer of gray-black oxide film on the surface.The main components of the oxide film are Cr2O3,NiO and very insoluble FeO.Their existence affects the appearance quality on the one hand.On the other hand,it also affects the performance of the product,so appropriate measures should be taken to remove it.


Product Name

316 Gray Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheet


0.5-1.5mm or as required


1000*2000mm 1219*2438mm 1219*3048mm or be customized.


AISI, JIS, GB, etc

Surface Finishing

N8 Mirror finish




Ceiling,Cladding,Wall Facade


60 sheets

Lead Time

Within 15~30 days after receiving deposit 


Standard Export Seaworthy Wooden Package/or as required


50,000 PCS Production Capability/Month


Stainless Steel 2mm Sheet need more time of polishing compare to 1.0m SS sheet,it has high requirements for stainless steel materials,the surface needs to be flat and dense. If the material is not good, problems such as sand hole or grain will appear, and the surface will not be particularly smooth, and defects can be seen.


Grey Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet


We put the 2mm 316 Stainless Steel sheet into the polishing machine, then will have a series of polishing and chemical substances to remove the surface roughness of the material and improve the brightness, so as to achieve the mirror effect. After cleaning and drying, the mirror surface treatment is completed.Then we do  inspection of the stainless steel sheet to make sure the mirror finish is perfect.Then can put on protect film and make package. 


grey Mirror stainless steel sheet factory




Stainless steel sheet has excellent properties such as corrosion resistance,and easy processing.

It is widely used in the fields of construction,kitchen utensils,and automobile exhaust systems,and it also has aesthetic effects.


Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheet


Mirror finish stainless steel refers to the stainless steel material whose surface is as bright as a mirror.Mirror finish stainless steel has surface grades such as 6k,8k,and 10k.Regardless of the surface level of mirror stainless steel,it has excellent high smoothness,high brightness,and reflectiveness compared to brushed stainless steel.Therefore, mirror finish stainless steel is favored by many manufacturers (such as tanks,cabinets,kitchen utensils,digital appliances) and engineering companies (indoor and outdoor decoration,decoration,public works,etc.).


Gold Mirror Stainless Steel Price


One of processing an 8K mirror surface stainless steel sheet,which is characterized in that it includes:

(1)Washing with water to clean the sundries on the surface of the stainless steel sheet

(2)Rough polishing,using a graphite wheel for rough polishing to grind the surface of the stainless steel plate,and the grinding gap is half The diameter of the grinding wheel,until the surface treatment is uniform and free of pitting

(3) Fine polishing,use fine polishing abrasive wool felt and polishing liquid to precisely polish the stainless steel surface,the surface state reaches no wheel marks and no scratches

(4)Wash and dry,use a blow dryer to wash and dry the stainless steel plate

(5)Cover protect film,use a stainless steel sheet film machine to carry out the film.

The process can make the stainless steel sheet product grind and polish from 2B or rougher surface to 8K mirror surface,and the mirror surface effect is bright and beautiful.


Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheet Price





Q: What’s the difference between 6K grinding and 8K grinding?

A: The grinding speed. The speed of 6K is 600 turns/min, while 8K is 500 turns/min.

Q: How wide/long can be done? How about the range of sheets’ thickness you can do?

A: The widest sheet can be done is 1250mm, and 4.3m is the longest one we can do. The thickness is around 0.28-2.0mm.

Q: Is it any difference among different series? Would the cost be different?

A: Grinding grade 304 sheets would be easier than grade 201, but cost a quarter higher than grade 201.

Q: Is polishing related to thickness?

A: No, it’s just related to materials.

Q: What things will be added in during the grinding process?

A: Iron powder & acid.

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